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Studied design in England  (Leeds College of Art & Design)  and  Fine Arts at the University of Cuenca, Spain. Started working as an Art Director in fashion magazines ( Elle and Vanidad) and also in advertising, S.C.P.F. (a prestigious Spanish advertising agency).
Later, started to focus her work on photography. She has obtained freelance for El Pais Semanal, Carolina Herrera, Amaya Arzuaga, Neo2, Rolling Stone, Vanidad and various other top clients. She has also worked on video clips for channel Cuatro, Spanish TV.
Lucía has  been selected for different photography competitions such as ‘Generaciones’ (Caja Madrid) and has had exhibitions including Photoespaña (the Spanish annual photography festival).

.Companies: Swatch, Ikea, Carolina Herrera, Barbie, Cuatro, Springfield, BMW, Telefónica, Bombay Sapphire, Mitsubishi, Amaya Arzuaga, Heineken, JB, Leroy Merlin, Huawei…
.Press Media: El País, Rolling Stone, Neo2, Vanidad, Yo dona, Elle, Marie Claire y Progresa.
.Ad Agencies: SCPF, Remo, Young & Rubicam, Tapsa e Ipsum Planet.

She has more than over +80.000 K followers on her Instagram profile.
Instagram wrotte a post about her photos, click here to read it.
She has blog in ELLE Spain where she writtes about Instagram and photography,

EXHIBITIONS & OTHER WORKS                                                                                                                                                         Collective Exhibition , PhotoEspaña program 2016, La Fabrica Gallery, Madrid.                                                                                                                                 Finalist for the work ’Minideseos’, New York Festival 2008.
Video/slide show, Capucha (Hood), from PhotoEspaña 5km/h 2004.
Canal Abierto (Open Canal, Fashion), photography collection, Sala Canal de Isabel II 2003.
Selected for Caja Madrid ‘Generaciones’ 2003,2001 and 2000.
Scholarship for Pilar and Joan Miró, Mallorca 1997.
Video projection ‘Movi’ exhibited in ‘2nd showing of ‘Blind In One Eye’, Reina Sofía National Museum Centre of Art 1995.